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2.5 years to adult

Ballet is the base of all of dance. A good ballet foundation gives students what they need to spread their wings and fly in all dance classes.

We study classical ballet via IDTA and NZAMD. We branch out to offer our students variety within classical classes, by including styles such as neo-classical, lyrical and contemporary-based ballet. Here at JMSD, we offer ballet lessons for pre-schoolers right up to teaching certificate and adults lessons.  Students can choose to take classes recreationally or aim to take the rewarding experience of sitting examinations. ​

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2.5 years to adult

Jazz stylizes a dancer, there are many styles within jazz to develop a dancer while keeping true to classical technique.


Jazz is generally danced to pop music which children and teens find enjoyable. At JMSD we follow the American Jazz Syllabus from NZAMD and include Jazz Street, Jazz Funk, Lyrical, Contemporary and the very popular Musical Theatre. Jazz encourages strength, flexibility and style. Grow a confident dancer by taking a jazz class.

Hip Hop
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Hip Hop

5 years to adult

​Hip hop grounds a dancer and develops style with quick learning habits. 

Hip hop is a form of street dance and is ever-changing. Danced to hip hop street and pop music,  hip hop is a very energetic form of dancing with faster, smaller movements compared to jazz. It is unique in that it allows it's dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities. In 2023 we introduce the Asia Pacific Dance Association (APDA) syllabus to selected Jazz classes. 

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6 years to adult

Contemporary dance allows a dancer to express their emotions through movement.


Contemporary combines elements of several dance genres. Dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements and floor work. It stresses versatility and freedom, unlike the strict, structured nature of other genres. Contemporary creates a strong and emotionally connected dancer. In 2023 we introduce the Asia Pacific Dance Association (APDA) syllabus to selected Jazz classes. 


2024 Class Information

We are now taking enrolments/interest for 2024. 


Please contact us with your child's age and style of dance they are most interested in attending. If unsure we recommend starting with ballet whenever possible. It is most important the child enjoys the lessons. We recommend trialling a lesson if unsure. 


Please note: we do not release our full timetable as some classes may not be suitable for your child to attend as places are limited. 

Most lessons are held after school, with the youngest classes commencing at 3.30 pm. Pre-school lessons are held Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Performance teams and private lessons are held on Sundays. 

Please go to our CONTACT page and fill out a request form. 

We offer a range of classes for age 2.5 years and above. 

Recreational and Examination paths are available for all genres. Beginners of all ages are welcomed.

At our Rangiora studio, we offer classes in:  

Ballet - from 2.5 years +

Jazz - from 2.5 years +

Hip hop - from 5 years +

Contemporary from 6 years +


We also offer extension classes and opportunities:

  • Annual recital in a theatre for all students

  • Optional annual examinations 

  • Performance/Competition Team (by invitation/audition)

  • Ballet Pointe Extension 

  • Own Choreography/Junior Teaching class

  • Teen Open Contemporary 

  • Boys only class

  • Private lessons 

  • Solo competition training

  • Teacher training programme

  • Grade School for examination preparation

  • Online learning options

  • Participation in public events

Our classes are held Monday - Fridays after school hours, with the exception of Pre-school lessons held during school time and some extension/private lessons on Sundays. 

We have often have a couple of classes for each level, meaning we are usually able to find a class to fit in with your families schedule. 

You are welcome to come along to view or trial one class at no charge. We encourage this, to ensure the class is at the right level and fit for your child. Any trials taken after the free trial will be charged for. 

Please contact us to discuss your child’s dance plan and the options we can offer. 

We would love for your dancer to join us!

2024 Fees


Invoices are emailed out from close to the first week of term, usually after attendance. If you do not wish to continue after the initial lesson you do not need to pay the term fee. *conditions apply.  The previous term fee must be paid before your dancer can be enrolled for the following term. Unpaid fees by the end of that term may incur interest and or debt collection fees. 

All prices are inclusive of  GST 

All term fees are by  an 8 week term, any lessons above 8 weeks are a bonus.  Usually a term consists of 9-11 weeks with the average working out at 10.  We follow the primary school calendar and hold lessons on selected public holidays only. Please see our brochure for our absences policy. 

25 min - $120

30 min -   $125

40 min -  $140 

45 min -   $150 

60 min -  $175

75 min (1hr 15)  - $185 


Specialty classes, may be attended casually, discounted rates as students attending these attend regular weekly lessons. 


Pointe extension: Term fee: Discounted rate of $119 per term or $18 per casual lesson

Ladies Dance Class (LDC):  $16.50  per class 5 lessons or more $18.50  1-4 lessons

Performance teams: $10 per hour 

Pre associate 1 term fee $240 (casual can be arranged by discussion but not encouraged)

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