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NZAMD Exam Info 2024

Updated: Jun 3


(Actual NZAMD exams held around  August 16th - 17th)

The exam dates below are an estimation only. Upon receiving all entries, we work out a timetable to be held over 3-4 days which is confirmed with NZAMD.  Exact time and day of your child's exam cannot be confirmed until all entries are in and the office confirms other dance schools exam sessions fit around our requested dates.  Exams are held in our own studio in Rangiora (130 King Street). Full details around exams can be found further down. 

Important dates to note: NZAMD

  • Friday 14th June  7.30pm  - NZAMD entries close

  • Saturday 15th June - Exam practice day 1 of 2  Schedule link   here 

  • One of these days only: Weekends 3rd - 4th // 10th - 11th August    Mock exam practice #2 on ONE of the  following days only:  3rd, 4th, 10th OR  11th, we are aware Jump Jam is the 10th so the older students will be placed there.  Your date will be confirmed once entries are in.  Weekend #2 will be combined with APDA mock exams. Schedule yet to be set

  • Proposed NZAMD exam dates: 16-17th  August  (During school time, your exam could potentially be a day either side depending on exam entry numbers vs examiner availability) 

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